We apologize for not updating! Mommy has been very busy taking care of a few things and we are also currently testing a litter box for another company.

As for our food, we recently tried the other box, and wow! It was even yummier than the first box! The only iffiness we had with it was the texture. It was just like eating pate wet food, and we aren’t good of that… but it was still delicious!

We were so glad to be able to test these foods, they were amazing!


Honest Kitchen cont.

Today we got to try our Honest Kitchen food all by itself, we’ve been eating it with less and less of our food in it.
The texture takes some getting used to, it is very mushy and my brother and I are used to kibble. It is very tasty thought! Mom told us she was shocked at how fast we gobbled up our helpings!

A couple days ago we got to try the treats as well, needless to say, THE WERE AMAZING. What kitty wouldn’t live freeze-dried fish??
Our parsley ball is growing rapidly, we would ask mom to post a picture of it but she says the camera is broken.. perhaps we shouldn’t have knocked out off the desk…

Anywho, mom says tomorrow we try the other box of food. It’s a different formula with different ingredients. We will post all about it!

Thanks for reading today!